About the author

Rodrigo Assis Mesquita is a Brazilian science fiction and fantasy writer a and chocolate-brigadeiro enthusiast, he is a Clarion West (2018) and Viable Paradise 22 (2018) graduate.

Creator of the Brasil Cyberpunk 2115 universe.

  • 1st place (a tie) in the 48 Hour Flash Contest – Virology ran by the Story Seed Vault in 2018 with the microfiction “Death is yellow,” published in # 106.
  • Microfiction “Phantom destination” in Story Seed Vault # 118.
  • Short story “Esperando Simone” in Revista Trasgo #17 (in Portuguese).
  • Short story “Fio puxado” in Leitor Cabuloso (in Portuguese).
  • Novelette “<deletado>” in Revista Mafagafo #1 (in Portuguese).